Escape Room Adventure in Amsterdam!

The descendents of explorer Elizabeth van Leeuwenhart have decided to open her old study chamber to the public, right here in Amsterdam. They are looking for a golden heart necklace of unimaginable value – the ‘Lionheart’.

They give you the chance as a team of 3 to 7 investigators to uncover the hidden history of Elizabeth van Leeuwenhart. Will you be the one that finally finds out what happened to the golden heart? Enter and find out! But take heed! It would be foolish to assume that her study chamber will give up it’s secrets easily…

Challenge your friends or colleagues for this mystery experience.

Killjoy’s Escape Case


You and your team find a mysterious travel chest of unknown origin. If you manage to open it, a narrative unfolds that calls upon your help... Killjoy’s Escape Case is a live Escape Game that can be played at any location and is the best to be enjoyed in a large group.

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To play the ultimate adventure challenge, assemble a team and book an experience. Our pricing depends on the size of your group. After an incredibly thrilling hour, enjoy lounging with a drink afterwards to recount the great time you had.

For corporate clients, we offer a fantastic team-building experience. Have a great day out, spend an adventurous time together and taste some of the Knowmads Business School magic. While enjoying a drink talk through the experience with a trained psychologist or group facilitator to gain insights in organic leadership and collaboration to take back to your work-floor.

We are open every day from 11am till midnight. The last session can be booked for 10pm.

For students we offer 10% discount on weekdays. (If you can show a valid student ID)

Creative Team

Once upon a time an alchemist, a poetess and a mind-reader revived a hidden underground study chamber with innumerable secrets. Logic Locks pays close attention to atmosphere, narrative, team-play and of course... mystery.










“There’s nothing like first-hand evidence.”

Sherlock Holmes

Logic Locks Adventurers that Survived Say…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many rooms are there?

Logic Locks provides the experience of one unique high quality Escape Room. There is no option for simultaneous play. Bigger groups can split up into teams of seven and play after each other. For businesses and much bigger groups we can provide a broad variety of program for the group that is not playing at the time. This program will be offered in collaboration with Knowmads business school.

Is there a minimum age to play the room?

No. Logic Locks is a family friendly experience. It can be a bit scary here and there and some of the puzzles might be a bit difficult for children, but so far all the kids that played our room loved it. However, the presence of at least one adult is mandatory.

Is it possible to come by car?

There is ample room for parking in front of the building (1,40 per hour, after 19:00 gratis) and gratis parking a bit further in the Harry Koningsbergerstraat.

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How to find us

On Tripadvisor people are adamant that Logic Locks is worth the journey west. But how does this journey to Ferdinand Huyckstraat 64 take place? This site allows you to plan it by public transport from your very only location!

  • • By train from Station Sloterdijk it’s a 15 minute walk
  • Tram line 12 till Haarlemmerweg followed by a 8 minute walk
  • • or take line 7 or 14 and get off at Station Burgermeester de Vlugtlaan followed by a 10 minute walk
  • Bus 21 or 80 go to Station Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan, followed by a 10 minute walk
  • • Call a taxi or Uber and enjoy being dropped in front of the door.

We are in the same building as the Alternative Knowmads Business School.